Fit Haven Retreats came to fruition over 12 years ago when two buddies became friends in Hong Kong. Taber, coming from the USA and Ross, the Czech Republic met modeling there and connected instantly because of their athletic backgrounds in professional sports.  Taber, a former professional baseball player in the USA and Ross an avid hockey player and tri athlete back in Prague.

The friends shared a passion for health and fitness training and would discuss their individual fitness businesses while Ross lived in Hong Kong and Taber in Los Angeles.  Taber, having family roots in Thailand spent several years traveling Asia modeling and exploring other Asian cultures. Ross and Taber discussed several times the idea of opening their own studio somewhere in Asia (HK,Thailand, Manila, or Singapore) but realized the opportunity to help those wanting to stay fit or kick start a new desire to get fit/healthy while traveling had a greater need.  

The guys decided that their ability to train their own clients at beaches, parks, homes, gyms, and basically anywhere they could find and get results would make an easy transition into Fit Haven Retreats.  They had a great network of friends/trainers already in Asia to connect with and team up to make this dream come true.  It was their goal to offer people a holiday, get away, or just a much needed break from city life to breathing fresh air and to focus on their own physical and mental health.  

At Fit Haven Retreats we want to encourage our guest to embrace the balance of health and fitness with like minded people in a fun, social/group setting. Staying active on some holidays and still eating healthy all the while still having a great time exploring the place you're visiting.  We want to help people get out and about and have a good time while doing so guilt and stress free. 

Attitude is EVERYTHING!!!! 

Attitude is EVERYTHING!!!!