What We Do

At Fit Haven Retreats we aim to give you a holiday filled with a balance of physical fitness, healthy eating, fun activities, relaxation, all the while having fun.  It's our hope to let you be able to enjoy your holiday but not feel like you've slacked off on your current or future health and fitness goals.  

Many holidays/vacations it's hard to find time and a place to get a good workout in and decide on a healthy meal.  With us, you'll have this all taken care of throughout the day and you'll have the option to attend a couple fun activities while you still get to enjoy the beautiful surroundings with like minded people.  

Sample of a day at Fit Haven

Rise and Shine

(7am-9am) Wake to a healthy meal prepared and cooked for you to get you fueled for the morning workout at the complex or a nearby beach. 

Free time

(9am-10am) Let food digest and prepare for training.  Warm up.  Run to town for any needs.  Questions for trainers/coaches you may have about your health and fitness needs.  

Morning Circuit Training

(10am) A full body designed strength and cardio workout.  A good blend of challenging strength and training program designed to push you in both strength and conditioning utilizing equipment and your own body. 

Post Workout

(11am) Protein shakes and decompress. Stretch.  Relax by the pool.  Shower and free time.  

Lunch Time

(12:30-1:30pm) Healthy Lunch prepared and made for you at the Villa. 


Free time

(1:30-2pm) Relax and enjoy the pool.  Head into town if you choose to go on your own for the day.  Prepare for the afternoon activity.

Afternoon Delight

(2-5pm) Each day of the retreat we will have an afternoon activity planned ranging from hikes, spa, yoga stretch, paintball, quad riding, elephant trekking, and more!  You can choose to join or pass. 


The Last Supper

(6pm-lights out) Dinner at the Villa and group outing out around town for some fun and drinks or some R & R at the villa (games, movies, billiards, night swim)